Accidents happen. That’s why they’re called accidents. We live in a world in which at any moment, things can happen. That includes the human heart. The human heart, of course, has been subject to reams of poetry and reams of scientific analysis. We’ll leave aside the poetry about the human heart, and focus on the mechanics. These days, as America gets older, more and more “active” people are out who may be subject to heart problems. Even heart problems of which they are unaware.

CPR Training in Fremont, California, for the what ifsSuppose you’re a teacher. You may have lots of little kids in your classroom, but then there are the Holiday and other events at the schools. And there come the grandparents. They may not be in the best physical shape. And an “accident” happens. One of the grandparents has a heart attack during a Holiday performance. What do you do? Well, first and foremost, you race to call 911. Everyone these days has a cell phone; certainly in our Internet-friendly communities of Fremont, Danville, and Dublin. So that’s a no brainer. There will be plenty of people to call 911.

CPR Minute by Minute

But then the minutes elapse. And every minute, no every second, counts for you to help that person who’s had a heart attack. What can you do? CPR, that’s what you can do. Fortunately, you’ve had CPR training and you know the basics of CPR. Those classes you took? Yes, they’re useful now. You’re happy you’ve practiced. But you’re nervous. But you’ve rehearsed for this critical moment. You’re an expert in CPR, so you know what to do. Your CPR training has paid off.

The crises passes. The ambulance arrives with the trained technicians. They take over. The person is rushed to the hospital as moments matter. Fortunately, your CPR did the trick. It bought precious seconds or moments for that person. You saved his life. That’s why you should take CPR training now. To be prepared for the what ifs’ The What ifs that we hope never happen but may happen. Will you be ready?